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Europa Edition is proud to announce the publication of Julian Wagstaff's chamber opera Breathe Freely. Please visit the Catalogue page for more information and to place your order...

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Europa Edition's policy is to represent a diverse mix of contemporary composers, with varied backgrounds and compositional styles. Please click on the thumbnails below for further information on the individual composers currently published by Europa Edition.

Composer Emilia Belfiore (Publisher: Europa Edition) Composer Alfredo Caponnetto (Publisher: Europa Edition) Composer Leon Coates (Publisher: Europa Edition) Encounters: Ryan Somerville, Nigel Osborne, Thomas Seltz, Alfredo Caponnetto, Stuart Taylor, Richard Worth, Derek Williams, Suzanne Parry, Peter Nelson, Shiori Usui, Kostas Rekleitis, Jules Rawlinson (Publisher: Europa Edition)


Composer Michael Garrett (Publisher: Europa Edition) Composer Vassilis Kitsos (Publisher: Europa Edition) Composer John McLeod(Publisher: Europa Edition) Composer Nigel Osborne (Publisher: Europa Edition)


Composer Kelvin Towse (Publisher: Europa Edition) Composer Shiori Usui (Publisher: Europa Edition) Composer Julian Wagstaff (Publisher: Europa Edition)

Full works details are available on our Catalogue page. Our online shop is also accessible from the Catalogue page, where scores can be purchased in attractive hard-copy volumes.

If you wish to contact any of the above composers, please send an email via the address on our Contact page. We will forward your email to the composer forthwith.

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